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Да, желательно определиться как можно быстрее. О результате не могли бы написать мне на еmail (он указан у меня в данных "о себе")?

Конечно...а вы как цена будет, киньте мне плиз... aou@народ точка ру

а я пока ваш маршрут поищу старый
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киньте мне плиз

Да, конечно. Старый маршрут лучше смотреть с конца (те будет ктм - заезд через джанму - сага - дарчен - кора 3 дня - манасаровар и обратно по этому же пути).
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Я ориентируюсь примерно на маршрут ниже.

1. Только Манасаровар нужно сделать 1 день до трека (подготовка) и 1 день после трека + посетить соседнее с ним озеро (это уже отходняк).

2. А также по пути туда (до Дарчена) вставить проезд через озеро с Шишапагмой (или даже ночевку там). Классное место.

Day 01:

Kathmandu(1,340m) / Zhangmu(2,300m) / Nyalam(3,750m)(154km,7hrs)

Morning drive to Nepal-Tibet border Kodari (about 5 hours drive), after clearing the customs you will be greeted by your Tibetan guide and driver by crossing the Friendship Bridge. By completing all the custom formalities, your Tibetan guide will give you a brief information regarding the further trip and proceed the journey to Zhangmu, which is the first Tibetan town at the border and Nyalam is only 32km from there, through a series of switchback bends the road ascent to Nyalam within the Matsang Tsangpo gorge, beautiful waterfalls can be seen on the both side of the road, after 2 hours you will get you Nyalam. Overnight at Nyalam (Guest house, dorm bed).

Day 02:

Nyalam (3,750m)

Rest at Nyalam one more day to acclimatize the high altitude, we strongly advise you to drink more water and do some simple exercise during the day. Overnight at Nyalam (Guest House, dorm bed).

. .

Day 03:

Nyalam(3,750m) / Saga(4,450m). 250km, 5-6 hours drive

On the first long driving day over the sandy and rocky land of Tibet, natural sceneries like Pelku tso lake and Mount Shishapa (8020m) are unimaginable beautiful , nomads chasing herd of yaks and sheeps keep you wondering. By the late afternoon you will cross Bhramha Purtra River way to typical Chinese and Tibetan town Saga. Overnight at Saga (twin-room with private bathroom).

. .

Day 04:

Saga(4,500m) / Paryang(4,700m) / Lake Manasarovar(4,558m), 506km, 7-8hours drive

Drive from Saga to Paryang through the windswept territory passing many villages and camps of Yak herders with the distance view of snow capped mountains. This vast and dry plateau is the traditional campsite of the nomads, grazing their animals during the summer. Lunch will be at Paryang. Afternoon another 4 hour drive from Paryang to Lake Manasarovar, it will take you go through open territory with a view of distant mountains, Yak herders camp, if lucky might come across a herd of Kyang (Wild Ass), you will have the first sight of Holy Mount Kailash from the top of the Mayum la pass(5280m) and Manasarovar Lake. Overnight at Chiu Monastery ( Guest house, dorm bed).

Note: Today the landscape along the driving is fabulous, you may get out of the car occasionally to take photos.


Day 05:

Free day in Manasarovar to relax

Lake Manasarovar is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, along with Mount Kailash, it is referred to as the center of the world, and is worshiped by more than a billion Buddhists and Hindus.

Day 06:

Lake Manasarovar / Darchen(4,600m) (60km, 1.5hours)

Morning head to the lake shore to see the sunrise and explore the area on your own. Afternoon drive to Darchen, the tiny village of Darchen is the starting and ending point of the Mt. kailash trekking, in the afternoon prepare for the trekking and guide will arrange needed yaks and porters. Overnight at Darchen (Guest house, dorm bed).


Day 07:

Trek from Darchen to Dira-puk Monastery, (20km, 6hrs)

The first day's trekking is start from the Sershong and a gradual walk with multitudes of other local pilgrims chanting and praying. From the valley you can see the Choku Monastery up on the hillside. The trail leads to few ups and downs till we reach our camp at Dirapuk (4,750 m). You will meet many more Bon pilgrims going in the opposite direction (Anticlock-wise), because Mt. Kailash is being worshipped by four different religions, viz Buddhists, Bons, Hindus and Jains. Camping on the nice grassy meadows with a view of Kailash, north west face at Dirapuk for overnight halt. Overnight at Dirapuk guesthouse.

Day 08:

Trek from Dira-puk Monastery to Dzutul-puk Monastery by crossing Drolma-la Pass, (15KM,6 - 7hrs) (Camping)

Today our trekking leads to much higher side of the holy path just beneath the Mount Kailash. The walk will bring us to one of the highest point at Drolma La, 5,200 m, and the pass is quickly descending to the gradual field towards Dzutul-puk for the overnight camp, Dzutul Puk in Tibetan and which means magical cave, this small monastery is connected to a interesting story of talend competition between Great Yogi Milarepa (Buddhist) and Naropa (Bon). Overnight at Dzutul-Puk guesthouse.

Day 09:

Trek back to Darchen,14Km, 4- 5hours

The winding gradually comes out of the valley and the river allows to follow in to the Barka plain, the trekking stops at Trangser Trangmar and your car take you to Darchen. Afternoon have a good rest at Darchen.Overnight at Darchen (Guest house, dorm bed).

Day 10:

Drive from Darchen to Saga via Paryang (528KM, 9hours). overnight at Saga ( Gusethouse, dorm bed)

Day 11:

Drive from Saga to Zhangmu via Nyalam (287KM, 7-8hours). Overnight at Zhangmu (Twin-room witht bath)


Day 12:

Drive from Zhangmu to Kathmandu (120km, 5hours)
Карма 235
Маршрут выше может быть полезен с точки зрения времени проезда. Все остальное описание можно проигнорировать.

Посчитала по срокам от 27 апреля до 12 мая - остается еще 1 -2 дня, их можно приплюсовать на кору (или объезд на джипе) вокруг озера Манасаровар. Думаю, будет очень клево.
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Маршрут хорош, тогда держим связь...
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Student Доброго Вам времени суток, хотел узнать приветствуются ли попутчики в вашу команду?
Карма 235
приветствуются ли попутчики в вашу команду?

Приветствуются) До общего числа группы не более трех человек (тк это максимальное количество для комфортного размещения в джипе).

Если вас устраивают даты (27 апреля ктм - 12 мая обратно в ктм) и маршрут выше, пожалуйста, сбросьте мне свой email (мой указан в разделе "о себе").
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