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Карма 19
Публикую требования для Гос. Вет.Станций в РФ. Без их распечатки по новым требованиям 2010 года не дадут справку в аэропорт!

Кто хочет более разобраться адрес сайта http://www.dld.go.th

Приятных Путешествий!


Не забывайте до полета о требованиях по вакцинации и др. обработках! !- может оказаться,что билет купили ,а мест для животных нет! Первое-Звоните в авиакомпанию проверяйте ЕСТЬ ЛИ МЕСТА ДЛЯ ЖИВОТНЫХ (и вообще берет ли компания животных на борт и если берет,то куда в салон или спец. багажный отсек для животных)!Потом покупайте билет и Звоните опять и бронируйте места для своих питомцев!



1) A health certificate in English, signed or further endorsed by a full-time authorized veterinary official of the government of the exporting country, if it is previously acknowledged by a veterinary surgeon, stating:-

1.1) number and species ,

1.2) breed, sex, age and color or animal identification,

1.3) name and address of the owner OR the kennel of origin,

1.4) certification of condition items (2) to (5).

2) The animals must come from an area where animal diseases are under control. They are found to be healthy, free from signs of any infectious and contagious diseases including ectoparasitism at the time of export and fit to travel.

3) The country has been free from Rabies for at least the past 12 (twelve) months OR the animals are vaccinated against Rabies with an official approved vaccine not less than 21 (twenty- one) days prior to the departure.

4) EITHER a) The dog is vaccinated against Leptospirosis at least 21(twenty-one) days preceding departure.

OR b) The dog is subjected to a test for Leptospirosis with negative result during the 30 (thirty) days prior to the departure.

5) The animals shall be vaccinated against other significant infectious or contagious diseases i.e. Distemper, Hepatitis, and Parvovirus, with an official approved vaccine at least 21 (twenty-one) days prior to the departure.

6) The animals must be conveyed in nose-and-paw proof crates designed to avoid any risk of injury or unnecessary suffering.

7) The animals are not allowed to expose to other animals if they have to be landed in transit at any approved intermediate port. They shall not be allowed to leave precinct of the port except to an officially approved transit quarantine area.

8) The animals are subjected to quarantine at approved premises for a period of at least 30 (thirty) days upon arrival during which they shall be submitted to tests and/or treatments deemed necessary. The importer/owner shall be fully charged for the incurred expenses.

9) Failure to follow the import procedures may result in returning the animals to the country of origin or destroying without compensation.

Возвращение на родину или поездка в другие страны:

Оформление на вывоз! Насчет прививок сами знаете! такие же правила ,как и на ввоз! В Бангкоке оформление 50 бат, в Хуа -Хине например 200 Бт за справку в Аэропорт!за 2-3 дня до полета поход с животными в Клинику обязателен!(это не Индия тут строго как и в России перед отъездом)

Exportation Of Pet (dog , cat , bird , etc.)

Submission of an Application Request (Form No 1/1)

To International Animal Quarantine Station , at the port of exit

Examination of animal health, not earlier than 2-3 days before an export

Issuance of Export Licence (Form No 9) and Issuance of Official Health Certificate

Documents required :

A copy of passport of an owner of the animals

A copy of rebies vaccination cetificate for exportation of dog or cat

A copy of CITES Permit for exportation of bird or wildlife. (The Permit could be obtained from the Royal Forest Department , and/or an export approval in written paper by a wildlife official of the checkpoint at the port of exit. )
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