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Вот,собственно,и весь вопрос)
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Где ты его только нашел? Я только на англ. инфу нашла http://trekdi.com/register-for-outings/saur-kund-trek-grandeur-of-mana li-valley.html
Карма 1702

Спасибо,Лена,но это немного не то.
Где ты его только нашел?

Мне его индийцы предложили

Day 05 to day 11: Indrasan Trek, between heaven and earth

According to the Indian mythology, God Indra – the King of Gods – chooses the 6.100-meter high mountain Indrasan to be his shelter on earth. And if you experience these magnificent surroundings, you can't blame him! This trek follows the ridge between the Beas and Parvati Rivers with breathtaking panoramic views on the valleys. Throughout the trek we can adore the more than 6.000-meter high snow-capped mountains Deo Tiba, Indrasan, Aliratan and Pancharatan with their imposing glaciers. Closer to these glaciers, the origin of the rivers, we come across beautiful meadows, deep forest with its unique flora and fauna, natural ponds, freshwater springs and cascades that feed the rivers. You feel one with nature, just like the lonely shepherd we might meet.

This trek, in the holy and majestic Himalayas, is no commercial trekking route and brings us after 7 days to almost 5.000 meter; a real experience for life!

Indrasan is a mountain peak in the Pir Panjal range between the Beas and Parvati rivers, deep in the Malana Valley itself. Of course, we don't climb the peak but we trek to the base of the mountain peak.

This trek is not a popular tourist route (it is our"secret" route), through pure wilderness and it follows a shepherd's trail. You will not meet any other tourist or hardly any local person.

It is physically challenging but not too hard and for sure very pure, virgin and extremely beautiful.

The mountain ridge which we are going to walk on and has its spiritual significance and also the Chandrakani pass is related to spirituality as the locals consider this the meeting place of all the gods. This is a pass of 3660mtrs which we are going to cross and then we will continue into the Malana valley towards the Indrasan Peak. Here we will stay for an extra day to relax or, for the more daring ones, walk up to above 5000mtrs (and take a test to see how high one can get!). A real challenge......

To get back to Naggar, we will cross the Malana valley and come back via the Parvati Valley. Everywhere will be great and peaceful meadows to camp, with fresh water springs and amazing views.

Day 12 to day 13: Free relaxing days in and around Naggar.
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да, Леша, хотела узнать для тебя инфо по треку, но гугл выводит только к Виноду и Наде. :-)))

должно быть сказочно красиво, но имхо резкий набор высоты, нет?
Карма 1702
но имхо резкий набор высоты, нет?

Не знаю пока))
Карма 1702

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