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Хэй-хо! Нужен проверенный стоматолог в Дхарамсале. Если кто то знает контакты проверенного Вами или Вашими друзьями врача поделитесь плиз!
Nady  ж
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вот про стоматологов от иностранцев в Дамсе)

I can honestly say that Dr. Junega at Fortis in Kangra is the best dentist I've ever been to. I had a nightmare root canal in the USA and wasn't looking forward to having another, but my experience with Dr. J was as close to pleasant as a root canal can ever be...painless.

It's a bit pricey by Indian standards but waaay cheaper than in the West.

Dr. Juneja's number is 8894724090.

All the Best,

I have had great good luck with Dr Sangeet Verma,, Dharamsala, above Syndicate Bank, 945 604 4188.

He has the latest equipment, including laser therapy.

20+ years experience, second clinic in Kangra.

What I most appreciate about Dr Verma is that he does not hesitate to bring in a specialist if something is outside his experience.

He brought in Dr Gupreet Duggal from Chandigarh, for a particularly difficult procedure I needed.

His work is highly skilled and compassionate.
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круто... а откуда у вас этот текст,,??

я бы побоялась в индии заниматься лечением зубами.... ну мало ли что
Nady  ж
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из сообщества http://www.DharamsalaExpats.org
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