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The Rough Guide to Hindi & Urdu Dictionary Phrasebook (16 тем в формате mp3)

Trying to ask for tea in Delhi? Looking for laundry facilities in Bombay? You'll find The Rough Guide to Hindi and Urdu invaluable on any trip to India or Pakistan. Including all the words and phrases you'll need and pronunciation guides for the tricky ones, this compact little book will help you out in more situations than you can imagine. Including tips on culture and etiquette to make your trip all the more enjoyable.

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01. Accommodation

02. Banks

03. Booking a room

04. Car hire

05. Communications

06. Directions

07. Emergencies

08. Friends

09. Health

10. Language difficulties

11. Meeting people

12. Post offices

13. Restaurants

14. Shopping

15. Sightseeing

16. Trains
Hindi & Urdu Dictionary Phrasebook
Hindi & Urdu Dictionary Phrasebook
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Нашлась книга:

The Rough Guide to Hindi & Urdu Dictionary Phrasebook (Rough Guide Phrasebooks) — London: "Lexus Ltd", 2006; Third edition. — 240 pages. ISBN: 1843536463 [Paperback]

Формат книги: PDF ׀ Качество: Оригинал-макет

От издателя: Let the Rough Guide Hindi & Urdu Phrasebook help you to make some new foreign friends. Laid out in a clear A-Z style, this fully-revised, pocket-sized phrasebook will have you speaking the language even before you step off the plane. Whether you want to book a hotel room, practise your haggling skills at the local market, or simply sample the local beer, the 16-pages of additional scenario material will help you in all manner of situations. Recorded by native Hindi & Urdu speakers, the scenarios are available as downloadable audio files either to your computer or iPod – perfect for practicing your pronunciation. The phrasebook also includes a detailed grammar section and a helpful menu and drinks list reader to help you order the right dish. With this phrasebook in your back pocket you are sure to have a good trip – khAriyat se jaye!
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